10 Facts About Lumi White and Snow White

Lumi White and Princess Francis

Lumi White is based loosely on the Grimm fairytale, Snow White. You can read more about the Grimm version here. Here are some facts about Lumi and Snow.

1. There isn’t just one Snow White story but actually several. The tale most likely has origins in the Medieval period. When the Brother Grimm collected it for their 1812 edition it would change again by the 1857 edition.

2. “Lumi” is Finnish for “Snow”.

3. In the 1812 edition the queen is Snow White’s mother, not her step-mother.

4. Lumi is not related to Queen Hart. Lumi’s threat to the queen’s power is far more than just her beauty.

5. In the first edition Snow White’s apparent corpse is placed in a glass coffin by the nameless dwarfs. When a wandering prince sees her he falls in love with her beauty and takes her, coffin and all, to his castle.

6. Lumi White is a true romance. Francis and Lumi fall in love with each other over time.

7. In the original Snow White the queen wants to eat Snow White’s lungs and liver.

8. Once the prince brings the “corpse” of Snow White to his palace he has his servants move the glass coffin from room to room. One servant gets tired of this, opens the casket, and slaps Snow White. This dislodges a piece of the poison apple from her throat, awakening her from her coma (and not death).

9. The queen is invited to Snow White and the prince’s wedding, but once there she is forced to wear red hot iron shoes and dance until she’s dead.

10. Lumi White is a retelling of Snow White with a lesbian love story, part of a grand tradition that goes back to the Brothers Grimm.

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