Impossible Interview: A Chat With Melody Gearheart

Melody Gearheart, the new limited series from Steal
Melody Gearheart, the new limited series

Stela’s stories are full of colorful characters, rich with personality. So, in order to get to know our fictional friends a little better, I’ve jumped into the the worlds of Stela’s original exclusives to talk directly to the characters themselves.

This time, I’m blasting off to a remote corner of outer space, landing in the mysterious jungles of an unknown planet. Here, we’re sitting down with the rambunctious kid genius, Melody Gearheart, who was kind enough to take a break from fighting for her life to sit down for a chat with me!

Matt Langenhop: Hey Melody! Thanks for agreeing to an interview!

Melody Gearheart: Sure thing! Pull up a mossy stump and let’s get to it!

ML: You sure you aren’t too busy? I mean, we’re surrounded by terrifying hooded lizard creatures.

MG: Oh, these guys? They’re my buds! After this, I’m gonna go help them reclaim their underground city from some bonkers supervillain.

ML: Is this something you do often?

MG: Save civilizations of lizard people? Nah, this is a new one.

ML: How’d you meet your new scaly sidekicks?

MG: Well, they were riding giant mechanical beasties, and I was pretty sure they were gonna try to kill me, so I kind of broke all of their stuff. Sorry, guys!

ML: A classic way to start a friendship. Now, how did you end up on this random remote planet?

MG: I was on a survey mission with my dad—

ML: You mean the legendary scientist Dr. Copernicus Gearheart?

MG: Yup! It was a pretty routine mission. He was actually about to let me run the survey for the first time ever! But then he… Well, he disappeared.

ML: Leaving you alone on a mysterious planet?

MG: Yeah. But now I’ve got my new friends and my trusty robot Sparky, and we’re gonna reclaim their city and find my dad!

ML: That’s right! Get to it, girl!

Want to see if Melody’s search and rescue mission is successful? Find out in Melody Gearheart updated every Monday. The first 4 chapters are available now, exclusively at Stela Unlimited!

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