Who is Lumi White? A Fairy Tale Reimagined

Move over, Disney — a fresh take on the fairy tale princess is on her way.

Lumi White - Untold Love, a retelling of Snow White.

Lumi White, to put it simply, is our reimagining of the classic Snow White tale, originally popularized by the Brothers Grimm in 1812. Setting Disney’s version aside, we took the classic princess and crafted a character with dreams, fears, and a hopeful drive all her own.

Lumi is a young woman and daughter of a minor lord who lives a simple life. Princess Francis, the strong-willed daughter of the conniving evil queen, is the heir apparent of the kingdom. Disturbing events are set into motion when Francis and Lumi meet, events that the two cannot prevent. Soon both are plunged into a world of betrayal and war where the final outcome of all their struggles hangs in the balance on a single act of love…and sacrifice.

A tale of teen rebellion, first loves, and dark ambitions awaits you, only on the Stela Unlimited app.

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