Alyan and the Lamp: Aladdin Reimagined

An orphaned street urchin, a magic lamp, a beautiful princess, a scheming wizard. We’ve known the story for centuries… haven’t we?

We here at Stela Unlimited, took the story of Aladdin and made it our own. Aladdin is Alyan’s nickname, we still have the lamp and genie, there is a beautiful princess, but that’s where the similarities end. In the original story from 1001 Nights Aladdin is half Chinese, half Arabian. We have added to this aspect of the story, expanding the China element and replacing the original tale’s wizard with Zafar, a man wronged by Alyan’s family, who is seeking revenge.

Dig into the new mysteries and additions to the mythos of Aladdin in Alyan and the Lamp, only on the Stela Unlimited app.

ADS 2018_alyan2_color.png

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