Stela Slumber Party at Lumi White’s

It was a cool spring evening as the guests arrived one by one at Lord White’s home in Zausberg. Lumi White met each guest at the door with a smile on her face. The slumber party had been her idea and she was anxious to make it memorable. First to arrive was Raessa, princess of Baghdad.  “Woooo!” She cried, fists raised above her head, a small satchel swinging from one fist. Lumi jumped at the exuberant princess. “I’ve been looking forward to this all week!”  “Thank you for coming, Princess Raessa,” Lumi said. “Oh, pish posh on the ‘princess’,” Raessa said as she swept by Lumi into the house, “What a lovely home!” “Thank you.” There was a knock on the door as Lumi directed Raessa to the front room. Lumi turned to the door and let in…

Impossible Interview: Lumi White

I made my way through the lovely streets of Zaubersburg. I soon found the home of Lord White where his daughter, Lumi, waited for me. Lumi had escaped the notice of the court until she had become the close “confidant” to Princess Fancis Hart. I sat across from her in their immaculate sitting room, tea…

10 Facts About Lumi White and Snow White

Lumi White is based loosely on the Grimm fairytale, Snow White. You can read more about the Grimm version here. Here are some facts about Lumi and Snow. 1. There isn’t just one Snow White story but actually several. The tale most likely has origins in the Medieval period. When the Brother Grimm collected it…

Evolution of a Picture – Lumi White and Princess Francis Hart

Have you ever wondered how a comic is made? It’s a multi-layered journey from concept to completion, from the mind to the hand. Here is a sneak peek of the path the art for our comic, Untold Love: Lumi White. Be sure to read the complete story of Lumi White only at Stela.

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