Character Spotlight: Lumi White

A young woman of noble descent runs in terror through the encroaching woods. What dark figure pursues her? Will her love arrive to rescue her? Or will she have to rescue herself?

Meet Lumi White, the eponymous heroine of Stela’s flagship fairy tale of love untold. Let’s dive in and learn a little more about the skills, passions, and secrets of the maiden with skin as white as snow…

The Fairest of Them All

Lumi White is Stela’s new take on the classic fairy tale first popularized by the Brother’s Grimm in their 1812 storybook. The character of Snow White has seen countless renditions in the past 200 years with each drawing inspiration from those that came before it. And while our adaptation certainly shares some of the heroines iconic traits, she also has an energy and spirit all her own.

While her original incarnation was a princess whose mother died in childbirth, our Lumi comes from somewhat more humble means. The daughter of Lord and Lady White, young Lumi was raised to be everything a proper young lady should be: timid and obedient. While she has her talents, such as her knowledge of history and her affinity with animals, she has never truly had the opportunity to shine.

But when she connects with the fierce and beautiful Princess Francis, Lumi discovers more about herself than she ever could have dreamed, including the inner strength she never knew she had.

Her look harkens back to her roots in 19th century Germany, from the clothes, and to the styling of her hair. But the emotional core transcends the decades, giving her a more contemporary feel, especially as she grows throughout the story.

Care to follow Lumi through the dark forest toward adventures unknown? Check out Lumi White, a new spin on the classic fairy tale, available only at Stela Unlimited!

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