Impossible Interview: A Chat With the Jinling of the Lamp (Part 1)

Stela’s stories are full of colorful characters who are rich with personality. So, in order to get to know our fictional friends a little better, I’ve jumped into the the worlds of Stela’s original exclusives to talk directly to the characters themselves.

Today, I headed back in time — 1256 AD to be exact — to a vast desert outside Baghdad. In one of his rare periods outside the lamp to which he has been bound, I sat down with the all-powerful Jinling of our latest story, Alyan and the Lamp, to learn what all that phenomenal cosmic power is like.


Matt Langenhop: It’s such an honor to meet with a being such as yourself! Have a… do you sit?

Jinni: I have no need to, but if it makes you more comfortable, I can pretend to rest in this chair.

ML: Honestly yes, it would. Sorry about that.

J: No need to apologize. It has no impact on me, and simply wastes your energies.

ML: Very well! Now, you are a Jinling? Am I pronouncing that correctly?

J: I have no need for names. In different periods of history and different tribes of the human race, we have been known as spirits, djinn, fairies, and all manner of other monikers. Jinling is a more popular term used for us.

ML: Us? You mean there are more of you?

J: More than even I could count. Some travel among the people, others are bound to objects as I am. Still, more focus their attention outside the realms of humanity.

ML: I apologize if this question seems rude, but what exactly are you? Are you a monster, or…

J: We are energy. We are force. We are sentience.

ML: Well, that certainly cleared that one up.

J: You refer to me as a monster?

ML: I mean no offense. It’s really just the horns. Not a fashion choice that I’m used to.

J: You believe they are a fashion choice?

ML: I mean, you can really look like whatever you want, right? So isn’t it all just a matter of your preference?

J: Fair enough.

ML: So, as a being of pure energy, you’re essentially all-seeing and all-powerful?

J: I have my limitations. But when compared to the average mortal being, I possess might and knowledge far beyond your imaginings.

ML: You really know everything?

J: My knowledge is near infinite.

ML: Can you tell me how Game of Thrones ends?

J: There are some things beyond even our comprehension.

Interested to hear more? Stay tuned for part two of our interview! In the meantime, maybe take the time to check out the Jinni’s story in Alyan and the Lamp, available now at Stela!

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