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Impossible Interview: A Chat With Verity Monroe, the Werewolf of “Breaker”

Stela’s stories are full of colorful characters who are rich with personality. So, in order to get to know our fictional friends a little better, I’ve jumped into the the worlds of Stela’s original exclusives to talk directly to the characters themselves.

This time around, I’m at a beach house in sunny Southern California. My next interview is with Verity Monroe, a no-nonsense surfer chick with a not-so-little secret that comes with the full moon. Let’s dive right in:


Matt Langenhop: Thanks for agreeing to see me, Verity. I know it’s a bit of a tough time for you right now.

Verity Monroe: Yeah, about that. You couldn’t have picked literally any other time of the month?

ML: Fictional travel is surprisingly limited.

VM: Well, don’t blame me if I turn into a monster in the moonlight and rip you to pieces. I blame myself enough as it is without idiots jumping into the line of fire.

ML: You really have no control over your werewolf form, do you?

VM: None.

ML: What about those chains I saw on the basement wall?

VM: Useless, as I learned the other day. I– I tore through them, and some girl paid the price.

ML: Oh no.

VM: Oh yes. I woke up on the floor, naked, my face and body drenched in blood. The trail led out the door toward the beach, where I found her. Or, what’s left of her.

ML: I’m so sorry. How do you deal with it all?

VM: I surf. The waves help to keep me calm. There’s also an old lady down at the dispensary who gives me herbs that help me keep my mind. Well, sometimes they help. Sometimes there’s nothing that can change what I am.

ML: Are there others out there like you?

VM: Unfortunately, yes. There was the first one, the one that turned me back in 1869. He could be anywhere, if he’s still alive. And there’s plenty more wolves where he came from.

ML: And what about other… things?

VM: All of them. Witches, ghosts, vampires, trolls: each more obnoxious than the last. Plus my girl Eva. I-I killed her years ago, but she still stays by my side. Her spirit does, anyway.

ML: What’s next for you?

VM: I can’t keep going on the way I have in the past, hiding from my mistakes. Hiding from the world. There are bodies washing up on the beach outside my house, and I know I’m not the one putting them there. I’m going to find out who is doing this, and I’m going to fix it. I owe it to the people I’ve left behind.


Will Verity find peace? Will she find the killer leaving presents at her door? Join the hunt alongside her in Breaker, available now at Stela Unlimited!

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