Delving into the Backstock: Part 2

We continue to dig into the past archives of Stela. Discover some new gems and revisit old treasures.

Dark Deep Down

Paul Dailey’s wife and unborn child dies in an airplane explosion. Now mysterious forces are working to allow him to see them once again. Other forces seek to stop him. Find out if Paul finds his family or not in this metaphysical thriller.

Deja Brew

Deja Brew

Tobias was suspended from the magic-school but he can brew a mean mug of coffee or a cup of tea. His future seems pretty dull until Ki, an intelligent pink and bear-like creature, turns up lost, confused, and infected from a spell gone wrong. Tobias must save her before the guild eliminates her as a threat. This Eisner nominated story is sure to enchant you.

Do Over

Do Over

In this hilarious comic a time travelling monkey—er, ape—is delivered by mistake to slacker Zak. He soon finds himself on the run from a hired killer, skipping backwards in time to prehistory, all while trying to ask the cute barista guy on a date.

Dungeon Punchers

A group of adventurers battle their way through a dungeon full of axe-wielding Ibex-men, simple puzzles, and lame treasure. Along the way they discover love and romance…kinda. Who are these adventurers who find themselves thrown together randomly like this? Why do they have hp? Why aren’t you reading Dungeon Punchers?

Dark Divide

The Dark Divide

In this dark fantasy, Elli lives and works at the circus Mondo Macabre with her mother. War rages near them, a war her mysterious father fights in. She lives in a world of perpetual night where humanity struggles to survive.



Imagine a world where life was like a roleplaying video game? Where you had to grind for experience points to level up at your job, or your life. Evan and Evie find out the hard way.

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