Delving into the Backstock – Part 6

Unnatural Selection

Here is our final post detailing our library of missed gems at Stela. Be sure to check out our earlier backstock posts.

Unnatural Selection


In the near future zoos have replaced actual animals with mechanical replicas. Everything works out very well until a glitch; a very dangerous glitch, hits the zoo.

Codename: Ursa Minor

Codename: Ursa Minor

During the Cold War a covert Soviet agent, codenamed Ursa Minor, is sent on an assasination mission to the United States. With the strange ability to shrink down into the form of a tiny grizzly bear, Ursa Minor starts to remember buried memories and soon finds himself crushed between two Superpowers.

Valkyrie Beer Delivery


Society has crumbled and rebuilt itself. A worse society some might say. Art, self-expression and alcohol are banned. It’s up to Valkyrie Brewing and its delivery service, a group of badass women, to subversively battle the totalitarian regime.

Victory Mountain, USA

Victory Mountain USA

It’s Victory Mountain! The most popular TV competition on the air. Doily and Corey hope to rise above their perceived limitations and win.



He was the greatest supervillain of all time. The Adversary, 40 years after his famous reign of terror, sits down to an interview.

The Winternational


From Joe Casey of Big Hero Six comes this two-fisted high adventure. Edgar Hagen with his extraordinary abilities from a mysterious Arctic power travels the world to rescue a kidnapped US ambassador.

Wolf Girl

Wolf Girl

Brought from rural Canada to London, a young woman is subjected to horrific experiments that unleash the beast within.

That’s it! Read these stories and our library of classic novels, on the Stela app.

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