If You Had Three Wishes…

You find yourself in a dark cave, a slight glow emanates far off to your right. You stumble towards the dull shine, a thin dusty golden tube sticks up out of the sandy floor. Digging around it, you find an old oil lamp; the tube is the spout. Rubbing it to remove more dust and make it shine more brightly, a sudden geyser of smoke erupts from the spout. It swirls around you, dancing with you as you desperately try to fan it away with your hands.

The smoke solidifies into the form of a person. Looking down at you, they bow. “Illustrious One,” they intone, “I am Jinling, you have freed me. I shall grant you three wishes.” they pause to let their words sink in, “What is your wish?”

What would you wish for? (And no, “I’d wish for more wishes”, you.) Tell us below.

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