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Impossible Interview: A Chat With Jack the Ripper

As I sit here in the interview room I admit to a certain trepidation. This new technology that allows us to pluck a person from the past and project a holographic version of them before us is perfectly safe. Yet, the person I await is infamous, perhaps one of the most infamous people in history, a murderer of such renown his name is synonymous with fear. The Whitechapel Murderer, Jack the Ripper.

He appears seated before me without warning, just blinking into existence. He is cloaked in black from head to foot, a scarf wrapped around his face, a top hat perched on his head. He sits motionless.

JTR: What do you wish of me?

MF: To get to know you, the most well known murderer in history.

JTR: Am I?

MF: Yes, mostly due to the mystery, your identity remains unknown.

JTR: Indeed?

MF: Any chance of you telling us who you are?

JTR: No.

MF: Then maybe you can tell us, why?

JTR: Why, what?

MF: Why you slaughtered those five women.

JTR: Five, you say.

MF: That surprises you?

JTR: Ha ha, yes. Only five.

MF: Then you…

(He nodded his head once.)

MF: Uh, let’s move on. Your victims, the ones we know of, why them? Why did you choose those poor women?

JTR: They were there.

MF: Well, that…

JTR: Or perhaps they reminded me of my whore mother.

JTR: Or I was protecting royalty.

JTR: Or all women must suffer.

JTR: Or…or…or…

JTR: Or.

MF: …

MF: Can you at least inform us about your occupation? Some have speculated that you were a surgeon, or a butcher. Were you?

JTR: Perhaps yes, or maybe no. Would it surprise you if I told you I ran a candy shop on the high street?

MF: Did you?

JTR: No.

MF: I’m not going to get a straight answer from you, am I?

JTR: And why would I answer you truthfully? You have given me all I needed to know, I am never brought to justice, only five of my prey were discovered, and that I live on in infamy. You have nothing to offer me in trade.

MF: Then this interview is over.

JTR: As you wish.

The holographic Ripper flickered off. I felt dirty and was glad he was gone.

Jack the Ripper stalked the same streets that Lucha from Lucha and the Wolf did. Read it today at Stela.

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