Impossible Interview: A Chat With Lumi White and Princess Francis

Stela’s stories are full of colorful characters who are rich with personality. So, in order to get to know our fictional friends a little better, I’ve jumped into the the worlds of Stela’s original exclusives to talk directly to the characters themselves.

Today, I head out to the kingdom of Zaubersburg for a picnic lunch with Lumi White, the high-born daughter of Lord and Lady White, and Princess Frances Hart, protagonists of their original story of untold love. Together, we chat about life, love, and gossipy birds. Check it out below:

Lumi and Francis at a Picnic
Lumi and Francis at a Picnic

Matt Langenhop: Thanks for welcoming me to the kingdom, you two! And thanks for this fantastic picnic spread!

Lumi White: Why, certainly! I do love a spot of tea and a nice pastry.

Princess Frances Hart: And the pork roast! I killed the animal myself on our latest hunt.

LW: Oh! Oh dear…

ML: Miss Lumi? Is everything all right?

LW: Frances, please tell me this isn’t Harold.

PFH: Umm… Which one was Harold?

ML: Should I leave you two alone for a moment?

LW: No, no. Everything’s fine. This may just be a pastry-only meal for me.

ML: Okay. Moving right along. How are things in the kingdom?

LW: Tense would be one way to put it.

PFH: I’d go with “ready to explode at any moment.”

ML: So, things aren’t quite happy ever after?

PFH: Not if my mother has anything to say about it. She rules the kingdom with a well-manicured iron fist. Everything and everyone has to live up to her exacting specifications. The other day, she banished Lumi from the castle.

LW: Frances has strong feelings about her mother. I’m not sure we should be talking about this, sweetie…

ML: Let’s change to a happier subject. How did the two of you meet?

PFH: It was the best day of my life.

LW: Oh, we shouldn’t speak of such things.

PFH: She gets so embarrassed when I talk about it, but it’s true. We were hosting a festival and a ball at the castle. My mother had planned everything, down to the last detail. I was to dance with every eligible high-born bachelor in the kingdom until she found the one best suited to court me. But I had no interest in any of them. Especially once I saw her.

LW: Oh, surely she’s exaggerating. I was nothing special at all. My parents, Lord and Lady White, had brought me along to introduce me to her royal highness, and it wasn’t exactly going as well as they had hoped.

PFH: She was perfect. My mother simply failed to see it.

LW: Well, I don’t know about that.

PFH: I do. You were amazing. The dancing began, and I wandered from suitor to suitor, but there was only one person I wanted to dance with. A little creative choreography, and she and I were suddenly dancing together.

LW: You mean it wasn’t an accident? You planned to bump into me?

PFH: Are you mad?

LW: I… I didn’t say that.

ML: Is that a hint of a smile on your face, Lumi?

LW: Teehee! Never you mind that, sir! In any case, it was quite the talk of the ball when they noticed us dancing together.

PFH: The organizers forced us to return to our assigned partners, but I never left her out of my sight after that.

ML: So, what’s next for the two of you?

LW: That all depends on what the queen has to say.

PFH: She wishes that were the case.

LW: Oh, but it is! Rumors tell of a rebellion of giants to the north! What if you’re sent off to battle? And what if she forbids you from seeing me ever again?

PFH: She wouldn’t dare!

LW: She might.

ML: I’m not sure there’s anything strong enough to keep the two of you apart.

PFH: That’s right!

LW: I don’t know about that, but… I would like to see you again.

PFH: And you will. I promise it.

ML: And with that, perhaps I should take my leave. I wish both of you the best of luck, no matter what comes next.

So there you have it. The first of what I hope to be many interviews with the colorful characters lining the pages of Stela. Who would you like to see me interview next? Answer below in the comments, and until then, check out the continuing story of Untold Love with Lumi White, only at Stela Unlimited!

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