Impossible Interview: A Chat With the Jinling of the Lamp (PART 2!!)

The Jinling of the Lamp
The Jinling of the Lamp

Stela’s stories are full of colorful characters who are rich with personality. So, in order to get to know our fictional friends a little better, I’ve jumped into the the worlds of Stela’s original exclusives to talk directly to the characters themselves.

Today, I return to Baghdad circa 1256 for another sit down with the all-powerful Jinni of the lamp. It’s time I ask about our eponymous Alyan, and what wishes he might be ready to make…

ML: So, how did you end up bound to this lamp?

J: You wish for me to explain how others might seal my brethren away in enchanted objects?

ML: You’re right. Maybe that wasn’t the best question.

J: I have been bound within this lamp for over 500 years, first by a man who wished to escape the horrors of war. Three wishes did he receive before I returned to the lamp to rest. 40 years pass, and when the blood of a descendent of the Chi family graces my lamp, I rise again until the three wishes are fulfilled and the cycle begins again. It is my existence now.

ML: Bummer.

J: Bummer indeed.

ML: But now the lamp has a new master?

J: I do not prefer the term of “master,” but yes, the power of the wish is granted to the youngest of the Chi line, the boy Alyan.

ML: What do you think of him?

J: What do I think of him?

ML: How does he compare to the previous wishers? Do you like him?

J: Another human, another list of demands.

ML: They’re really all the same?

J: I suppose young Alyan has his unique characteristics. He possesses a curiosity for the world that I understand and appreciate. He craves knowledge above all. While previous masters have wished for fortune and security, so far the boy has only wished to travel the world and learn all he can. I admire it.

ML: It certainly sounds like you’ve taken a shine to him.

J: Jinling do not possess emotion. It is simple curiosity.

ML: Are you sure about that?

J: …

ML: Do you ever dream of freedom?

J: Jinling do not dream. And no human would sacrifice a wish to grant it to me. There is no use in dwelling on the concept.

ML: Maybe Alyan will be the one.

J: What would he gain from such an act?

ML: You said yourself that Alyan is unique. Perhaps he’ll surprise you, or maybe you’ll even surprise yourself.

J: What a wish that would be.

Will the Jinling ever be free? Will Alyan find everything he desires? And what of the dark Zafar, still driven by a thirst for revenge? Find out more in Alyan and the Lamp, a tale of untold love, available now at Stela Unlimited!

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