The Power of Fairy Tales and Snow White

Lumi White Needlework
Lumi White Needlework

Why do fairy tales endure? Why do we still retell them over and over? Certainly they are engaging stories, but there is more. They teach and remind us of lessons learned.

In Snow White, we find themes of beware strangers, the dangers of vanity, and, disturbingly, don’t worry some man (or several small men) will save you. The first two are still relevant today. The third, not so much.

In our retelling, we keep the first two themes and include several new ones. Most importantly, we added the theme of self-reliance, and conversely, the theme of accepting help from others. Also, we have self-acceptance. Lumi and Francis face this last one both separately and together. Far better than waiting for some guy to save you, don’t you think?

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