Character Spotlight: Princess Francis of “Lumi White”

Princess Francis, Lumi's love in Lumi White - Untold Love
Princess Francis from Lumi White

Frustrated with her sword-fighting instructor, the warrior princess rides off into the wilderness to take out her rage. But when an imposing, monstrous boar proves more than she bargained for, she finds herself in a desperate fight for survival.

Meet Princess Francis, the epic heroine and unique creation of Stela’s fairy tale series, Lumi White. How does this woman draw on stories of the past, and how does she help to make this adventure entirely new? Let’s dive in and learn more about this passionate, hot-headed princess…

Self-Rescuing Princess

In the Brothers Grimm’s original 1812 printing of Snow White, the Prince Charming character arrives quite late in the story, conveniently stumbling on a beautiful girl in a glass coffin and saves the day with a kiss. Stela’s depiction of the handsome prince is a central figure from the very start — and isn’t a prince at all.

Francis Hart is the daughter of the fierce and conniving Queen Fae, who presides over her kingdom with cold intensity. While Princess Francis spends her days training in both etiquette and swordplay, she has no care for following in her mother’s rigid footsteps, seeking to forge her own path. And when she sees the fair-skinned Lumi White enter the castle hall, Francis becomes certain of only one thing: that whatever path she takes, Lumi should be a part of it.

A powerful fighter who wears her heart on her sleeve, Francis is the perfect romantic foil for the timid Lumi White. But will their love overcome all obstacles, including the queen’s wrath? Find out in Lumi White, a fairy tale of Love Untold, available exclusively at Stela Unlimited!

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