Recreating a Classic: The Picture of Dorian Gray


Picture of Dorian Gray with new illustrations from the creative team at Stela
The Picture of Dorian Gray

Eternal youth and beauty — it’s something we have all wished for at one time or another. Is it something we truly desire, or is there a curse behind the blessing?

The famed author Oscar Wilde put this question to the test in his classic of Victorian Gothic literature: The Picture of Dorian Gray. An already beloved story, the Stela team went above and beyond, completely reformatting and adding tons of brand new full-color illustrations to create a more immersive reading experience than ever before.

Gaze into the soul as we dig into our update on this seminal favorite novel…

Be Careful What You Wish For

In this gothic tale of the dangers of vanity, The Picture of Dorian Gray paints a fascinating and grim picture of Victorian England. When the young and beautiful Dorian has his portrait painted, he laments that the painting will remain youthful forever as his own body ages and decays, wishing the opposite were true.

When he comes to discover that his wish came true, he descends into a downward spiral of hedonism that destroys the lives of those around him, all as his own face remains beautiful and the painting grows more and more grotesque.

Will the vain man face consequences for his actions, or will the haunting image in the painting drive him mad? Find out in Oscar Wilde’s seminal novel of morality and corruption, complete with new original art from the team at Stela. Experience the complete novel in an entirely new way, now at Stela Unlimited!

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