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A big how do you do from us here at Stela Unlimited. Let us introduce ourselves. We are unabashedly the finest and most innovative source of mobile graphic novels and illustrated mbooks today. That’s a bold statement, let us share with you why we feel this way.

Lumi White and Princess Francis from Lumi White - Untold Love
Lumi White and Princess Francis from Lumi White – Untold Love

But Aren’t There eBooks Out There Already? I Mean Amazon Alone…

Yes, of course there are, and have been for almost twenty years. What sets us apart is that we write, design, and produce with mobile in mind. Most other companies create their ebooks (or as we prefer mbooks, “m” for “mobile”) with paper-based books in mind and then convert them to an ebook format with simple text on a white, grey, or black background; comics are usually presented as scanned PDF’s or perhaps with a panel to panel progression, which can feel awkward and unnatural. While on a tablet comics may work in their traditional page by page layout, on mobile devices they’re basically unreadable. So what do we do differently?

Princess Francis, Lumi's love in Lumi White - Untold Love
Princess Francis from Lumi White

Graphic Novels, Illustrated Books, Mobile Devices, Oh my!

We design our mbooks in a long continuous strip, like old film strips, but not quite. As you scroll up the story unfolds, panels merge into the next seamlessly, there is no scanning or scrolling side to side, simply read along uninterrupted. Our illustrated books are the same, the paragraphs blend with the illustrations as you read continuously enjoying the juxtaposition of text and image.

Visit our site at and preview our titles and see what we mean. We’re sure you’ll like what you see.

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