Story Spotlight: Breaker

The water calls to her. Both calm and chaotic, she feels one with the crashing waves as she takes her morning ride. Tonight, the chaos hiding within her will break forth, and when the full moon rises, so will the beast.

Verity Monroe is fighting to hold the wolf at bay. But another monster is on the loose, leaving a string of bodies leading to her beach house door.

Let’s dive into the dark waters of Breaker.

Breaker, the werewolf drama

The Wolf Within

Welcome to a werewolf tale with a look and feel all its own. Created by IDW Publishing’s Mariah McCourt (“Angel,” “Illyria: Haunted,” “True Blood”) and featuring fantastic art by rising stars Kelly and Nichole Matthews (“Creature Feature,” “Toil and Trouble”), this title brings you into the dark underbelly of Southern California. From the hippy medium hiding in the basement of the medical marijuana shop, to the secret cabal of vampires at the local night club, McCourt and the Matthews Sisters have created an entire world that feels as real as the one we truly live in.

Breaker utilizes the immersive power of the mobile scrolling format to great effect. As Verity descends into her dark past and undergoes a transformation, you can feel every moment of her pain and confusion as you scroll down the page.

Verity transforming
Verity transforming

Will Verity conquer her curse, or her history? Will she uncover the secret behind this new run of killings, and will she survive the attempt? Ride the waves along with her as she faces her greatest challenge in Breaker, now available at Stela Unlimited.

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