Story Spotlight: Dark Deep Down

In the back of a dingy little convenience store bathroom, behind a grate, down a long, cramped corridor, lies a pathway to the land of the dead. Wracked with grief over his wife, one man dares to travel that path, hoping that he might see his lost love — and the unborn child she was carrying — one last time. But the guardians of this forbidden place wish to ensure that he will never return.

Let’s delve into the abyss of Stela’s horror tale Dark Deep Down.

Dark Deep Down
Dark Deep Down

Monstrous Visions Await

The underworld has rules, and the guardians seek to enforce them. But sometimes, the demons of the underworld will ignore their own laws if it means they can enact some much-desired punishment.

From the visionary mind behind the fan-favorite and critically acclaimed InFamous and Mafia III video games come a graphic horror story that deals with love, loss, and the supernatural in Stela’s stunning digital format. Written by William Harms and illustrated by Alejandro Aragon (28 Days Later, RoboCop), Dark Deep Down is a must-read for any fan of the supernatural.

Will Paul find his wife? And will he make it out of the underworld alive? Find out in Dark Deep Down, available exclusively at Stela Unlimited!

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