Story Spotlight: Deja Brew

Deja Brew
Deja Brew

Have you ever taken a sip of coffee or tea and felt transported? What if there was true power behind the brew?

Tobias has such power, but doesn’t think much about it these days. His failure at the magic academy is behind him, and now he steeps tea at a quaint little shop on the edge of town. But when a princess with a dark enchantment crosses his path, Tobias will be forced to face his past and reclaim the magic he had once set aside.

Let’s get cozy with a fresh cup of Deja Brew.

(image from Deja Brew)

Enter a rich and visual wonderland full of well-realized characters in this Eisner Award-nominated story from Taneka Stotts (Full CircleLove Circuits). In this fantastical blending of magic into the modern world, complete with orcs, witches, bears, and mysterious creatures known as Aeons, you’ll be clamoring for every sweet sip of story. The beautiful imagery of Sara Duvall (Warm Blood, The Courier) keeps you grounded in the reality of every moment, even as Tobias descends into a land within dreams.

Will Tobias succeed in helping the wayward princess? Or will his tortured past get in the way, leading to his undoing? Find out in Deja Brew, available exclusively at Stela Unlimited!

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