Story Spotlight: EXP

EXP – The Hilarious Sci Fi Comic

What if life was like a roleplaying game? What if you had main quests, side quests, and errands in order to level up? What if you got power ups and special bonuses, all accessed by an electronic wristband? Evan and Evie are finding out.

EXP – Evan

Evan is a slacker. A twenty-something living at home when his parents give him an ultimatum: Pay $200 a month in rent or get kicked out. And he only has one week to do it.

So starts Evan’s first quest: Becoming an Adult. As a level 1 adult with no skills his options are limited. He finds a job at an ice cream store and experience grinds to level up enough to be promoted to assistant manager. There’s one problem, Barry wants the promotion and he’s level 10!


Evie is a writer. Or at least she would be if she actually wrote anything. Now her landlord is doubling her rent so she needs to work full time at the restaurant and find a roommate. Both of which takes away stamina, leaving her little left to write.

And then there’s dealing with her mother…
This humorous series will keep you giggling while wondering what you would do with your own experience points. Evan and Evie face the challenges of leveling up their adulthood, find out how they do it in these graphic novels from Stela.

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