Story Spotlight: Lucha

Lucha, a Victorian Jack the Ripper thriller.
Lucha. a Victorian Jack the Ripper thriller.

London; 1888. Terror hangs in the night air as the Ripper stalks the streets. Now another, more monstrous killer is on the loose, with mutilated bodies that appear torn apart by claws and teeth. Inspector Bowson is on the case, tracking both killers, when he discovers a mysterious young girl with the wild in her eyes.

So begins Lucha, the new illustrated mbook from the team at Stela. Is there simply a wild animal stalking the streets? Or is something stranger out for blood? Let’s dive in and explore the dark underbelly of Victorian London…

Taking a Page Out of History

The Whitechapel murders of 1888 were a sensational story at the time, and this still unsolved mystery has fascinated audiences ever since. The unknown killer has also become a frequent source for storytelling over the years, from Alan Moore’s graphic novel “From Hell” to the popular manga and anime “Black Butler.”

As one of the most famous unsolved murders in history, we at Stela couldn’t resist the opportunity to put our own spin on it, as well as adding our own second layer of mystery to the tale. Who is this girl Lucha, and what connections might she have to the wolf-like killer terrorizing the citizens of London? Follow the trail in Lucha, now available at Stela Unlimited!

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