Story Spotlight: “Lumi White”

Lumi White isn’t your standard princess story.

The sweet and innocent Lumi wanders through the darkened forest alone. Then the rumblings of a struggle catch her attention. It’s the warrior princess Francis, squaring off against a monstrous boar. She holds her ground against the animal bearing down upon her, with Lumi powerless to help. Or is she?

So opens Lumi White, the latest flagship story from the team at Stela Unlimited. Who are these young maidens, and what dangers await them? Read on for more info on this fairy tale of love untold!

A New Spin on a Classic Tale

Lumi White is an imaginative retelling of the classic 19th century fairy tale of Snow White, first published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812. While modern audiences will be most familiar with the 1937 animated film of the story, Stela’s latest rendition of the tale is a story entirely its own.

We focus on Lumi White, the timid, proper daughter of a noble family, and Francis Hart, the strong-headed daughter of the fierce and plotting Queen Fae. Trapped in the rigid structures of their lives, both Lumi and Francis find love and solace in each other as the Queen seeks to tear the two apart.

Drawing inspiration from multiple adaptations of the work — plus a little of Stela’s signature style — Lumi White is a fairy tale designed for modern audiences. With empowered women, diverse faces, and a love story for the ages, Lumi White has something for everyone.

Eager to follow Lumi and Francis as they navigate magic mirrors, cunning huntsman, and the ultimate struggle for love? Check out Lumi White, now available only at the Stela Unlimited app!

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