Story Spotlight: Slice – A “Cheesy” Horror

A Slice Would be Nice

On a sleepy summer in a small suburban town, a pizza delivery may just be the deadliest thing on the menu. Drivers for Nice Slice Pizza keep disappearing, and there’s more than just tomato sauce running red on their jackets. If you’re not careful, you’ll die next — in thirty minutes or less.

Slice, the off the wall horror graphic novel from Stela
Take a bite of Slice

Hot and Ready for Pain

Jon has been in a rough mood ever since his father abandoned him and his mother, saying constantly that he wishes someone would just kill him. But when he’s forced to take a delivery job at Nice Slice, he realizes just how poorly he chose his words.

From Aaron Pittman (Grimfish) and Dave Schmidt (Adventure Time, Aw Yeah Comics) comes this darkly comic twist on the classic slasher flick. It’s amazing how much terror can be squeezed into such an off-the-wall premise, but the vividly violent visuals bring this story over the edge. Soon enough, you’ll be just itching to jump to the next chapter, despite how frightened you may be.

Looking for a roller coaster of fear? Take a bite of Slice, available now at Stela Unlimited.

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