Character Spotlight: Princess Francis of “Lumi White”

Frustrated with her sword-fighting instructor, the warrior princess rides off into the wilderness to take out her rage. But when an imposing, monstrous boar proves more than she bargained for, she finds herself in a desperate fight for survival. Meet Princess Francis, the epic heroine and unique creation of Stela’s fairy tale series, Lumi White….

Alyan Video

Here’s a sneak peek at our illustrated mBook, Alyan and the Lamp. Check it out at Stela.  

Story Spotlight: Deja Brew

Have you ever taken a sip of coffee or tea and felt transported? What if there was true power behind the brew? Tobias has such power, but doesn’t think much about it these days. His failure at the magic academy is behind him, and now he steeps tea at a quaint little shop on the…

Alyan From Baghdad Landing Page

A young boy seeking knowledge, a strong-willed princess, and a criminal out for revenge. With the near infinite power of the wish, their conflict will decide the fate of all of Baghdad. Alyan From Baghdad landing page.