Challenging Heteronormativity in Fairy Tales and Fantasy

Heteronorma–wha? It’s a big word, I know, but one well worth learning. It relates to things that are perceived as heterosexual by default — it means that heterosexuality is considered the “norm” and anything else is not. We see it everywhere, yet most of us are not aware of it because it’s so ingrained in…

Character Spotlight: Princess Francis of “Lumi White”

Frustrated with her sword-fighting instructor, the warrior princess rides off into the wilderness to take out her rage. But when an imposing, monstrous boar proves more than she bargained for, she finds herself in a desperate fight for survival. Meet Princess Francis, the epic heroine and unique creation of Stela’s fairy tale series, Lumi White….

Breaker Video

Curious about Breaker, the werewolf saga from Stela? Watch our trailer video for a hint of what you’ll find.