Story Spotlight: The Inheritance Saga

A beleaguered warrior stalks through the woods with a frightened young girl by his side. He takes down a mother bear, then shows the girl how to heal its wounds with her immense magic. But when a gang of warriors threatens to take the girl’s power — and with it, her life — he dispatches the lot of them. And no… there will be no more healing lessons today.

Let’s jump into the high-fantasy epic of The Inheritance Saga, one of Stela’s most ambitious stories. Dragons fly overhead and dark necromancers stalk the streets, and you follow Marra’s every step through the dangers of this wild world.

Mara in Inheritance the high fantasy series

Magic Across the Generations

With contributions from a range of writers and artists from our Stela Studios, The Inheritance is a three-volume epic spanning that spans the years and life of Marra, a girl with rare and powerful magical ability. As she grows, the artwork evolves alongside her, becoming at first dreamlike in quality during childhood, and then transitioning to crisp and vivid imagery throughout her later years.

This only helps to increase your connection to Marra as she comes into the full strength of her power, both mystically and emotionally. Will Marra’s father keep her safe? Will Marra learn how to handle her immense power? Or will her power fall into far more dangerous hands? Find out in The Inheritance Saga, available now at Stela Unlimited!

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