The Summer of Stela

All New Stories For You

As summer approaches (or winter depending on where you are) we have some all new stories coming your way. Superheroes, time travel, a newly illustrated classic, biography, all ages, something for everyone. All on the Stela app.


May 16, 2019

Haven - Superhero Mystery

Superheroes are a thing of the past. The few that remain  are housed in a retirement home called Haven. Things are not as they appear and Brigid Flynn intends to discover the truth. Sometimes a superhero needs a hero.


June 4, 2019

Perfect Timing

Evelyn Trent’s life is crumbling around her. A life full of regrets. After a shocking revelation she collapses and finds herself back in time, and back in her five-year-old body. She desperately tries to fix the past. The question is, can she? Should she?


July 11, 2019


The classic novel of supernatural horror exquisitely illustrated by Julia Ma.


June 11, 2019


The life of little known Impressionist artist, Suzanne Valadon, is chronicled here. From childhood poverty to a circus trapeze to exclusive Paris galleries follow her fascinating life week after week.


August 2, 2019

Melody Gearheart

The sequel to our popular Melody Gearheart. Melody and the Gearheart crew are threatened by a new foe. One seeking revenge. While Melody struggles to save her family and friends she also learns more about her deceased mother.


Lumi White with Butterflies

Lumi and Francis’s story continues to unfold as Lumi escapes the deadly machinations of the Queen while Francis experiences the abomination of war.

Join us all summer long for these exciting new and continuing stories. We have even more planned for the fall. So keep tuned to the Stela app!

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