Transforming Mobile Reading One Screen at a Time

The Stela Way

Stela books designed for mobile first
Books designed for mobile first.

At Stela Unlimited we write and design with the mobile environment in mind. Our books read as a continuous vertical canvas, with no page breaks, like in an ebook or a pdf. There are no stops, no panel progression, simply an uninterrupted reading experience.

We’ve all read ebooks on our mobile. And they’re…fine. Compared to a paper book, though, they can be found lacking. Simple text on a neutral background, any images simply inserted. Functional but uninteresting. Then there are comics and graphic novels, which for the most part, simply don’t fit on mobile. They are for the most part books translated to mobile. We publish for the mobile exclusively.

Lumi White Trailer
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Once you’ve delved into our stories on the Stela Unlimited app you will discover the difference immediately. It’s the Stela experience. Enjoy it.

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