Treasures of the Past – Part 1

We here at Stela cherish stories from the past. Along with our original books and comics we have reprinted a select few titles, many with all new illustrations by our artists. Here are some treasures for you to discover.

The Arabian Nights

Illustrated by Sentakukun

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights, also known as One Thousand and One Nights, is a magnificent collection of ancient Middle Eastern folk tales. Full of mischief, valor, ribaldry, and romance, Arabian Nights has enthralled readers for centuries. These are the tales that saved the life of Shahrazad, whose husband, the king, executed each of his wives after a single night of marriage. Beginning an enchanting story each evening, Shahrazad always withheld the ending: A thousand and one nights later, her life was spared forever.

The Art of War

By Sun Tzu, illustrated by Yumiki Hong and BLUE

Art of War

Originally written as a treatise on military strategy, this centuries-old text has taken on a life of its own. While Sun Tzu’s work is focused on the tactics of ancient warfare, his advice has been applied in modern business, law, politics, and even sports.

The Book of Five Rings

By Miyamoto Musashi, illustrated by TIEZHU

Book of Five Rings

Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi teaches both the philosophy and technique behind swordplay, matching the lessons he provided to students in his own dojo in the 1600’s. Through the different elements of battle, Musashi provides lessons that apply to business, life, and tackling an entire army on your own.

A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens, illustrated by Arthur Rackham

Christmas Carol

The perennial holiday favorite, made into several movies, and been adapted into almost every sitcom ever it tells the story of the heartless miser, Ebeneezer Scrooge. One Christmas Eve he is visited first by the spirit of his deceased business partner, Jacob Marley, then by the three spirits of Christmas. It is a story of redemption and self-discovery.

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