Story Spotlight: Unnatural Selection

Unnatural Selection
Unnatural Selection

Times have changed. The world has gotten violent. Even the local zoo is showing its teeth these days, with synthetic animals tearing each other to pieces for public amusement. The trouble with these machine duplicates is that even the tiniest glitch can turn a family affair into a fight for survival.

Let’s dive into this tale of robotic beasts run amok in Unnatural Selection.

Where the Wild Things Are

Dr. Susan Henderson longs for the good old days, when the zoo was under her control. It was a simpler time, when real animals lived in simple harmony. She returns to her former workplace to implore the new owners of their terrible mistake, only to discover that she arrived on just the wrong day…

From the mind of Sean E. Williams (Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman) comes this futuristic thriller with all the frightful charm of the original Jurassic Park. The terror racks up even higher with the help of veteran artist Guiu Vilanova (The Punisher). Looking for some classic scares with a sci-fi twist? Check it out now, only on Stela Unlimited!

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