What Is an mBook?

As technology takes leaps, we find new ways to engage with the world around us. Not only that, but recent developments have also given us new ways to engage with storytelling.  With over 3.5 billion unique mobile users in the world, one form of storytelling is poised to rise above the rest: the mbook.

What exactly is an mbook? An mbook is electronic text specifically designed and laid out for mobile devices. On a deeper level, it’s an opportunity to create powerful, immersive storytelling that’s optimized for reading on the go.

Alyan and the Lamp, a retelling of Aladdin.
Alyan and the Lamp, a Stela original.

Massive Scope, Little Screen

mBooks pose an exciting challenge for writers, designers, and storytellers of all kinds. Unlike a heavy hardcover novel or an ebook, mobile-optimized reading requires you to craft stories that are easy to digest in short bursts on a small screen — all without sacrificing the depth or immersion for the reader.

You will find that when you delve into our original mbook projects, like the haunting mystery of Lucha or Alyan and the Lamp’s dynamic high adventure. Reading, the story and images flow continuously, uninterrupted, engaging you, making you forget the device in your hand. An experience that can’t be measured. It’s priceless.

Some of our favorite projects at Stela are our illustrated mbooks, where we reformat classic novels and stories with new images for a new audience. From the dark, gothic horror of The Picture of Dorian Gray to the ethereal beauty of Treasure Island, we get the opportunity to explore these famous worlds with new eyes. Small, suggestive images appear throughout, with occasional explosions of visual art at climactic moments, all with the immortal words of these famous authors to guide our way.

Oscar Wilde's immortal tale, The Picture of Dorian Grey with new illustrations by the Stela artists.
Oscar Wilde’s immortal tale, The Picture of Dorian Grey.

While our adult-oriented stories enrich and expand upon the author’s vision through art, our children’s pieces evoke the illustrated stories that parents would read to their kids at bedtime, all with Stela’s unique visual stylings. Our renditions of the tales of Beatrix Potter, for example, celebrate her whimsical, lighthearted stories with new artwork for a modern audience.

The Beatrix Potter classic The Tale of Peter Rabbit with new illustrations by the Stela artists.
The Beatrix Potter classic, The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Looking for a chance to experience this new, immersive storytelling experience? Check out the Stela Unlimited app for Apple or Android devices and see for yourself!

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