“Lucha” – Who was the Real Jack the Ripper?

In Stela’s story, Lucha, we see a version of London racked with terror. The Whitechapel murderer, also known as Jack the Ripper, was a true boogeyman figure, with his sensationalized portrayal in the newspapers of the time elevating him to an almost supernatural status. And as these murders remain unsolved to this day, there are still many who continue to theorize about who the real Ripper might be.

So, what are the prevailing theories about the nature of this famous figure? Let’s take a look at some of the top contenders.

Montague Druitt

This local barrister was a popular contender at the time, given that he died shortly after the final murder occurred. However, as he lived miles away from Whitechapel and was out of town playing cricket at the time of the first murder, modern scholars have their doubts.

Seweryn Klosowski

A known killer who lived in Whitechapel at the time of the murders, Klosowski was a prime suspect during the initial investigation. The main flaw in this theory is that his confirmed murders were done by poisoning, and it is highly unusual for serial killers to change their methods so drastically.

John Pizer

A Polish Jew and bootmaker in the neighborhood, Pizer was one of the only men ever arrested for the Whitechapel murders. However, after determining that he had confirmed alibis for two of the murders — including one with a policeman on the force — he was released, and received monetary compensation from newspapers that had declared him as the killer.

Thomas Hayne Cutbush

A medical student who was placed in an asylum after attempting to murder to women, Cutbush was accused of being the Ripper by the newspaper The Sun. Police on the case dismissed such a notion, but some modern historians believe this omission was meant to protect the reputation of Cutbush’s uncle, who was a fellow policeman.

Sir William Withey Gull

A well-known doctor under the employ of Queen Victoria, Gull has been a popular contender in fiction, most notably in Alan Moore’s From Hell. Most historians believe he is an unlikely culprit, both due to lack of evidence and his advanced age at the time of the murders, but the dramatic nature of his story makes it a popular theory nonetheless.

These are just a few of the names that have been brought forth to identify the Ripper. Will Stela’s rendition subscribe to one of these theories? Will a new name arise? Will the Ripper be discovered at all? Find out in Lucha, available now at Stela Unlimited!

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