Recreating a Classic: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Immortality Eternal youth and beauty — it’s something we have all wished for at one time or another. Is it something we truly desire, or is there a curse behind the blessing? The famed author Oscar Wilde put this question to the test in his classic of Victorian Gothic literature: The Picture of Dorian Gray….

Story Spotlight: Slice – A “Cheesy” Horror

A Slice Would be Nice On a sleepy summer in a small suburban town, a pizza delivery may just be the deadliest thing on the menu. Drivers for Nice Slice Pizza keep disappearing, and there’s more than just tomato sauce running red on their jackets. If you’re not careful, you’ll die next — in thirty…

Character Spotlight: Queen Fae Hart of “Lumi White”

The Queen “This kingdom has always been led by a strong leader. I will ensure that will not change.” Poised. Refined. Calculating. The queen presides over her subjects, judging them all inferior. Even her own daughter, strong-willed and petulant, has much to learn if she ever hopes to measure up to the queen’s exacting standards….

Story Spotlight: Alyan and the Lamp

Endings and Beginnings The House of Wisdom. A place of learning. A true sight to behold, shining like a jewel at the heart of Baghdad. One boy wishes to enter its hallowed walls in search of knowledge. But his true journey — one of secrets, magic, and love — lies far beyond. It lies within…

Transforming Mobile Reading One Screen at a Time

The Stela Way At Stela Unlimited we write and design with the mobile environment in mind. Our books read as a continuous vertical canvas, with no page breaks, like in an ebook or a pdf. There are no stops, no panel progression, simply an uninterrupted reading experience. We’ve all read ebooks on our mobile. And…